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Mind matters with Dr. Michele is a TV talk show that tackles mental health and eliminates the stigma surrounding it. The show discusses topics such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, addiction and more in an effort to help people understand how certain issues affect their lives. In addition to discussing these conditions on the show, we hope to provide resources for those who are struggling or need help finding a therapist in their area.

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Dr. Michele Leno is the founder and owner of DML Psychological Services PLLC, where she provides life coaching for business executives and personal therapy services. Dr. Leno is a renowned expert in the field of psychology, having contributed to major media outlets including NBC News BETTER, O, The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post and Bustle. She is also the host of Mind Matters with Dr. Michele, airing Saturdays at 11:30 am EST on TV20 Detroit, as well as on the Black News Channel (BNC) and the CW in the Caribbean.

For the past decade, Dr. Leno has provided a variety of mental health and coaching services to clients from all walks of life. She helps people who are might be dealing with a wide variety of roadblocks that are holding them back from living their best, most authentic life. 

From helping people focus on their personal and professional goals through life coaching or diving deep emotionally to heal past trauma, Dr. Leno’s compassionate and supportive level of care guides patients on their individual journey, no matter what that may be.

Dr. Michele Leno

“Improve your mental health, improve your life”

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