Living Life by Design

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In this short snippet of time Lorraine engages her viewers to learn how to live ‘life by design’. Her entertaining but passionate approach helps the viewers to maximize life’s challenges and learn how to make them stepping stones, not stumbling blocks! Her unique mix of confronting current events with personal responsibility … is magical!

It is her belief that, “History brings along a set of people specifically designed for the times they live in, and the sooner they embrace it, the better they can engage in it!”. Thus her mantra of: “Get up! Write a letter! Make a phone call! Do something!”. Her topics cover a wide range of issues that she calls the “W.O.W Factor” aka “Wink On the World”. Issues that are directly affecting us all from economy, family values, education, race relations, and the “Apple Core” or the Attempted Assassination of the American spirit. 

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Lorraine LeMon is the host of the popular morning show on The Hill Country Patriot radio station in Kerrville, Texas. She also has her own internet TV show and podcast “Living Life by Design”. Her straightforward and humorous approach is loaded with laughs and thought provoking jabs of common sense. No one can doubt that it is her passion that grabs you and takes you on a ride that leads you closer to your sense of purpose, but more importantly, how YOU might find your place and play a part in these challenging times.

Lorraine LeMon

He who lives life by design…lives life on “PURPOSE”!

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