Daym Drops

Daym Drops

The name is Drops, Daym Drops. I’m a Foodie or as many deem me, a #FoodTitan and my goal is to bring you true entertainment all while giving you a review on some of the latest offerings in the Food Game and from time to time, I will toss in a few food curveballs.

If you are new to my #FoodieFam, do know that we are all about having fun and sharing in some laughs around here. My reviews are nothing more than that of my own opinion and you will find times where you will agree with my thoughts and also many times where you will disagree but what is important is that we respect each other along the way.

It is NO SECRET that I get paid to do quite a number of food reviews but when that is the case, the ONLY thing that I change about the review is the fact that I will NOT give the food an overall score. I will however, still let you know if it is a great look and something that you need in your lives or if it is something that will come and go (to be long forgotten)

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