Andreas Antonopoulos – Bitcoin for Beginners

Andreas Antonopoulos - Bitcoin for Beginners

This playlist is collection of videos for newcomers who want to learn about Bitcoin and open blockchains. Within this playlist you’ll find videos that tackle bitcoin and other cryptocurrency simply, clearly, and entertainingly (is that a word?).

Andreas covers topics every bitcoin newbie needs to know about including: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? What is a fork? What is mining? How do I choose a wallet? How to secure your bitcoin? Why I earn bitcoin instead of buying them? What is the halving? What is the role of nodes in the bitcoin network? What is the Lightning Network? Why is KYC dangerous? and many many more videos.

This is a great playlist to share with friends and family who don’t know much about bitcoin, ethereum, open blockchains. Andreas will explain cryptocurrencies matter why they matter and why they are worth getting excited about.

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