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Results-Driven Marketing
strategies to fuel your business.

Predictable Return on Investment

Scale Your Leads & Sales

Magnetic Marketing That Works

Marketing a business should not
be a never-ending money pit

The repeated story looks like this:

arrowYou pay 10K+ for a beautiful website but NO CONVERSIONS.

arrowThen you spend $10K plus ad spend on a “Sales Funnel” that doesn’t deliver the expected revenues.

arrowThen another $2,500 per month on SEO which you really don’t understand.

arrow6 months later your marketing has been very disappointing and a money-pit.

arrowYou’ve invested over $30K+, Now What? You either give up or are going to restart the process.

burning Money

One Goal: Turn your marketing and
advertising dollars into sales.


Here's what will happen in the next 12 months working with Flixx:

A Clear Marketing Message

A Converting Website

storybrand website

A Highly Effective Sales Funnel

Active Database


Its all about one thing:

Many marketing agencies, the conversations revolve around never-ending mentions of landing pages, SEO and Facebook Ads. No doubt these tactics are the essential building blocks of any successful marketing, but they are only the inner workings to get you to your ultimate marketing goal, results.
When you entrust your precious marketing budget with Flixx, you can say goodbye to all the confusing talk and unnecessary metrics that muddy the waters of what truly matters – Return On Investment.
We enjoy the process of guiding and helping our clients reach their marketing outcomes. The end goal is the most important part of your marketing but the process can be fun and rewarding as well.

How it Works

Book a FREE 30-Minute Consultation

In this free 30-minute consultation, you will receive a comprehensive assessment on the best options to grow your marketing.

Design Your 12 Month Marketing Plan

In 12 months you will have a well-oiled revenue machine including a clear message, a conversion-driven website, lead-gen campaigns and ongoing content.

Supercharge Your Sales

Sit back and watch qualified leads begin to flood your inbox! Stop wasting marketing dollars and start getting real ROI.

SUCCESS: A company that has multiplied their product sales, grew their database at scale, and increased their brand value within 12 months

Evelle is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality products marketed primarily to the RV, marine, automotive and recreational industries.

Limited Time Bonus – Free “Media Day”

For a limited time only, you will receive special access to a ‘Media Day’ as part of your 12 month journey with us. This is a full day session delivering professional photos and a brand video to give you a powerful start on your marketing rollout.

  • A  video + photography session on site at your office or in our studio
  • Photography can include: staff portfolios, team photos, action shots
  • Video: your well scripted 60-90 second “brand video” based on messaging that is developed for you

It’s time for you to begin generating
a continuous Flow of customers.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business – because it is the source of a continuous flow of new prospects who are interested in doing business with you. AND without customers – (a continuous Flow of customers) you don’t have a business. Businesses Fail because of a lack of customers!  Period. If you have customers – you can fix everything else!  You need messaging that is clear, concise and designed to sell at an instant.

First:   Marketing is Lead Generation – Sales is Lead Conversion that your marketing creates the qualified leads – Your selling Converts them to Customers.

Second:  Marketing is not selling and Selling is not marketing. Creating quality leads is the job of marketing. Closing the lead is the job of sales. Don’t be selling when you should be Marketing AND…Don’t be marketing when you should be selling!

You have to know when to be marketing and When to be selling. 

Are you ready to begin your journey, Flixx is here to help you today. 

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