Gloria Jean’s Coffee

The Requirement

Australia’s largest coffee franchisor had three marketing and data goals to achieve:

A: Digitize paper loyalty cards by creating a ‘Buy X and Get One Free’ customer loyalty solution that rewarded customers based on their purchasing behavior.

B: Know every product each loyalty member purchased so as to be able to pro-actively market with relevance.

C: Seamlessly interface with all three POS brands and view all transactions in real-time and in a common data set.

The Solution

Overview: We took our EFTPOS-to-POS technical expertise and enthusiastic team to design a bespoke loyalty platform for Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

Specifics: Interfacing each of the three different POS brands to dedicated hardware we ‘cloud connected’ every POS at all locations with loyalty card readers.

Workflow: After collecting their card in-store and registering online, the member earns points by tapping their contactless card against the RFID reader before the sale is complete.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees head office can view all transactions by; date, product, place, price and purchaser.

While product sales information is used to view sales and trends for marketing, the transactional information is used for accurate billing of franchise and marketing fees.

The Result

With the creation of eSipper Rewards, Gloria Jean’s Coffees grew their registered loyalty members from 0 to over 250,000 members in just three years. After the loyalty membership and subsequent product sales and franchisee growth, Gloria Jean’s Coffees was purchased by the Retail Food Group for $163.5 million.

More Info

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