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OTT Market Facts

Two years in the making, Blue Hippo TV 3.0 is a multi-pillar communications hub which allows free members to watch, listen, learn, shop, and socialize.

BHTV 3.0 is built on feedback from industry experts and practitioners, as well as insights from our insider groups. The new release has been tried and tested on various browsers and delivers the performance our members demand while providing superior user analytics to continue to improve the user experience.

What makes BHTV 3.0 stand out from previous releases is that it allowed our team to test it with our user community for various new requested features.

While BHTV 3.0 delivers this powerful suite of features, it is positioning itself as a go to free OTT service, communication hub, lead generation system, and transactional platform encompassed around entertainment.bl

The Ott Market was worth $121.61 Billion in 2019 and will grow to over $1 Trillion by 2027
-Allied Market Research

There are more streaming contracts in the USA than there are people, 340 million OTT contracts and 330 million people.
-Ampere Analysis

Worldwide 770 million people buy a streaming service, a nearly 40% increase from the year before.
-Strategy Analytics

Future scenarios for the TV and video industry by 2030

Source Deloitte

The future scenarios as video

Click your way through the various scenarios and see what the future of TV and video might look like in detail:

Scenario One: Universal Supermarket

What would be a world in which some global digital platform companies have replaced national broadcasters? Take a look at a possible future scenario for the TV and video industry.

Scenario Two: Content Endgame

What would happen if global content producers dominated the market in the future? Experience with us a possible future scenario of the TV and video landscape in 2030.

Scenario Three: Revenge of the Broadcasters

In this possible future scenario, national broadcasters have successfully mastered the digital transformation and secured a strong position in the TV and video ecosystem.

Scenario Four: Lost in diversity

Follow us into a future in which the TV and video market has developed into a diverse ecosystem in which there are no dominant players and market participants are constantly changing.

Poised For Growth

According to Forbes.com

Entertainment Commerce Platforms Are Revolutionizing The Shopping Experience

In today’s environment, many retailers are struggling to stay afloat, and major brands like JCPenney, Sears, J.Crew, GNC and Toys R Us have gone bankrupt. The past year has been called the “retail apocalypse” by many, as the industry saw a record number of retail store closings and numerous high-profile bankruptcies.

On the other hand, technology companies are creating innovative solutions to keep up with the changing retail behavior and demands from consumers, and it’s apparent that retail will never be the same. With millions of people confined to their homes in 2020, e-commerce experienced massive demand. The number of people buying goods online reached an all-time high.

An interactive trend Flixx has been following is entertainment commerce.

and…According to Hootsuite.com

Social media and ecommerce are a match made in heaven.

Marketers have been using social platforms to connect with ecommerce customers for a while now. And for a good reason — more and more internet users shop online and use social media to research brands.

Take a look at these recent stats:

  • 76.8% of global internet users purchased a product online in 2020.
  • 44.8% of global internet users use social media to search for brand-related information.
  • More than half of global internet users between the ages of 16 and 24 use social media to research brands (55.9% female users and 51% male users).

hootsuite ecommerce chart

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